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Landscaping the Home On the Hill

The house that my wife and I bought is situated in the foothills of large mountains, and there is a significant grade to the land. The landscaping requirements to turn our yard into what we envisioned required far more experience and equipment than what we could handle personally, and we had to bring in the professionals. Landscaping is a significant financial investment, as well as a major aesthetic choice for your home, and you want to make sure the right choices are made the first time. Finding a contractor to do your landscaping can be a bit daunting, but hopefully this blog will help you in the right direction and make that choice easier.



Landscaping the Home On the Hill

    3 Tips For Getting The Right Landscaping Yard For Your Senior Parents

    Helping get the landscaping done for your senior parents after they move into a new home is vital since they likely don't have the energy or time to spend on yard care. If you've taken the responsibility of hiring a landscaper and choosing the right services into your own hands, consider the following tips and how the following yard services can make a big difference in the needed yard maintenance without sacrificing curb appeal.

    How To Prep A Tree For Your Tree Removal Service

    If you have a tree that you want removed, chances are you will hire a tree removal service. If it is a very large tree, you may be looking at a higher quote to have it removed. The higher quote has everything to do with time and labor, both of which you can cut back before the service people arrive. If you want to save some money on your tree removal service, here is how you can prep a tree prior to the service team's arrival.

    Four Key Things To Know About Having Sod Installed Outside Of Homes That You Are Flipping

    If you are someone who wants to get into the business of flipping houses, it is important to take the time to make sure that the lawns outside of the homes look as nice as they possibly can. Many investors who choose to flip houses do not have months to wait for grass to grow on its own. If you want to be able to have the yards looking great in as short a period of time as possible, consider having sod laid in the yards.

    Advantages of Concrete Slab Hardscapes

    Concrete slabs are a unique hardscaping material that, like their name would suggest, are made out of large slabs of concrete, instead of smaller individual pavers. Due to their unique material qualities, there are a number of distinctive benefits associated with concrete slabs. Understanding what concrete slabs have to offer to your hardscaping project can help you decide if they're the right fit for your needs. Stability One of the main advantages of using concrete slabs for hardscaping projects is the fact that they're extremely stable.

    Expecting A Major Storm? 3 Landscaping Items To Take Care Of

    Living in a climate that often receives heavy storms, either in the tropical form or the blizzard kind, comes with the responsibility of taking better care of your landscaping. If you want to protect your home and yard, you need to consider what kinds of improvements can be made for your landscaping. By knowing what things to take care of before the storm season arrives or before a major storm touches down near your home, you can make sure that any damage is minimal and that your home is protected.

    Which Cool Season Grass Is Best For You?

    There are many different species of grass that can be used for lawns. Some do well in warmer climates, while others prefer cooler temperatures. If you live in an area where the winters bring below-freezing temperatures and the summers are warm without extended periods of excessive heat, then you want to plant grass varieties classified as "cool season" varieties. Here's a look at some common cool season grasses and their characteristics.

    Elephant Ear Plants: Edible Or Not?

    Elephant ears are beautiful plants that add a tropical look to any garden. However, in many parts of the world, these plants are a major food source. You need to know how to tell the edible from the non-edible species and how to make them safe to eat. Alocasia vs. Colocasia No part of the alocasia plant is edible, whereas colocasia leaves and roots are edible. Alocasia and colocasia leaves are very similar in some instances, but there is one tried-and-true way to tell the difference.

    Preparing For Your Child's Wedding? Grow Trees In Your Backyard Where The Reception Will Take Place

    Owning a large property with a huge backyard provides you with a unique opportunity that many homeowners do not have. Hosting your child's future wedding reception becomes a possibility, and it is something that you should start planning as soon as you find out your child wants such a thing to happen. A plain backyard is not what you want to show off to your child, family, or their guests. So, you should start planting trees that will help you transform your backyard into something special in several years.